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Why Is Building Block the Ultimate Toy for All Ages?

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Do you know how to encourage children to stay engaged and interested in building blocks when you know that building blocks in the fun playground for kids are good for children's cognition? After my 6-year-old child had birthday with grandparents, he proudly showed us the birthday gift that grandma gave him - Lego building block set, which is marked as 9-14 years old. My husband and I exchanged tired eyes and explained to my children for most of the time that it was not a good time to open the box. A few weeks later, when we took turns playing the lead and defensive line of Lego blocks, my husband smiled and whispered that he was starting to like the box game a little bit. Indeed, playing high building blocks in the best indoor playground for toddlers is a very satisfying and even cathartic game, which is not the first time we've been fully involved in children's toys. In the early years, we had a perfect set of cardboard boxes, smooth blocks, and large tile blocks.


Our love for each toy originated from children, but we gradually found that we would be addicted to the perfection of building blocks. I don't think playing with blocks in the best kids play area has any boundaries on age.


indoor activity center for toddlers


Why Do Children Need to Play with Blocks?


As toys and learning tools, the value of building blocks was recognized in the 17th century. The philosopher John Locke at the time mentioned that dice had letters on them and could teach them alphabets by playing, which was probably the first time to record the use of alphabetic blocks that widely available now.


In the early 19th century, Friedrich Frobel founded the first regular kindergarten, which included a series of educational toys called Frobel gifts, and almost all of educational toys were made up of blocks. In fact, building blocks in the children indoor playhouse are both endless entertainment and eternal educational tools, which have been selected into the national toy Hall of fame for many times.


The consistency provided by building blocks in the kid world indoor playground as toys and learning tools has not wavered, largely because they have proven the ability to build important skills. As we all know, building blocks have begun to establish central knowledge as early as childhood and have the concept of permanent objects and basic hand eye coordination.


By the pre-school stage, children who play with blocks in the indoor activity center for toddlers have more sophisticated visual space skills and more diversified solutions than their peers who do not play blocks. What's more impressive is that children who have used Lego blocks and practice more complex building skills since childhood have reached a higher level in math after entering high school.



How Should We Encourage Useful Building Blocks?


Building blocks play in the kid indoor playground for home has far-reaching cognitive benefits, which is far beyond the age of children. How should we encourage our children to keep their input and interest in building blocks of soft play area for babies? The key is to provide age-appropriate and exciting toy blocks, which are easier because of the rapid expansion of the toy landscape around them.

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