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Why Parent Should Play Montessori Games with Your Baby?

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If you want to develop the baby’s intelligence early, you had better play Montessori games with your baby. Although the game is very simple and some materials on the toy shelves of babies or babys book on bookshelf can be used, it requires mom and dad to participate in the whole process together with the baby. It is guidance on the one hand, and it can ensure the safety of baby one the other.


Montessori Education advocates that children learn and develop with hands, but we may lack such an environment around us for children to grow up. Don’t worry, we can find ways to make similar teaching aids using materials that are easily available at home such as toys on a shelf, books on kids shelf etc, and create a Montessori play space for children at home. The following small games can help children build self-confidence, and cultivate concentration, self-control and self-care ability. Here list small games and the required materials below, which aspects of the baby’s intelligence need to be developed, and mothers can train your baby in a targeted manner.


1. Collage


Preparation tools: all kinds of wrapping paper and unnecessary magazines on toy book shelf, glue sticks 


Method: Talk about various pictures and patterns from the wrapping paper and magazines. Let the child collage with glue sticks, and teach him to draw the names of things while posting.


Game purpose: learn the usage of glue sticks, recognize the names of items

toys on a shelf


2. Watercolor painting


Preparation tools: children's watercolor, papers on book shelf


Method: Let children paint freely with children's watercolor


Game purpose: feel the feeling of holding a pen, touch the color


3. Whisk foaming


Preparation tools: plastic cloth, utensils with a certain weight (not easy to knock over), egg beater, kids toy shelf to put the materials


Method: First spread a plastic sheet on the ground to protect the ground, and then fill a container with a little water, add a little detergent, and teach children how to use a whisk.


Game purpose: Children are always curious about the kitchen, so it is better to satisfy his curiosity. Stirring allows children to learn how to use the whisk, and observe the bubbles.


4. Plasticine and macaroni


Preparation tools: plasticine, macaroni, plastic kitchen toys (rolling pin, pad, etc.), baby toy shelf to put kitchen toys


Method: The plasticine can be changed into various shapes, and then the hard macaroni can be inserted on the soft plasticine, and the plasticine can be matched with various things, here just give an example as macaroni.


Game purpose: experience the soft and hard of different materials


5. Ice Treasure


Preparation tools: ice tray, different small objects, toy shelf of baby to put small objects


Method: Take out the small objects such as buttons, rice grains etc. from the toy shelf of child, then put objects of different colors and materials in the ice compartment, add water to freeze for a few hours, and take them out for observation after they become ice cubes.


Game purpose: feel the ice cube, cool feeling and melting process. 

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