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Why Play is Important for Children?

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As everyone knows that almost all children love to play. Play has great significance to promote the healthy development of children's body and mind and establish strong parent-child contact. The educator said that games are extremely important to the healthy development of children, such as kids indoor slide or kids slide and swing etc., so every child should have the right to play. There are many benefits for children to play. They can learn knowledge from play. For example, they can learn to make decisions for themselves, and use imagination during playing. What is more, they also build up self-confidence and enhance their adaptability. Today, we will introduce why play is important for children.


First of all, play is vital to children's emotional healing. The most important reason why play is beneficial is that play is a way for children to learn about the world around them, and games and toys can often play a role in comforting children. The parents should allow children to enjoy some normal time in places that do not belong to their "comfort zone" such as outdoor playground of children, or indoor play center etc., which can help them to learn how to deal with problems they meet and feel the environment alone. 


Play is an indispensable part of growth, which plays a positive role in the establishment of good cognitive, physical, social and emotional awareness of children and young people. So, if the parents want to help the children build social skills, and coordinate their mental and physical development, and allow them to establish a life-long coping mechanism, the most obvious way is to let them play. For example, the parents can take child to go to childrens outdoor park or childrens indoor park in holidays, or accompany child to play some interesting games such as indoor slide for kids etc.


What are the negative consequences if the parents do not let children play?


If children do not have enough time to go outdoors, they may show negative emotions as following:

● No appetite

●Avoid meeting strangers

● nervousness

●Sleep disorders


●Stomach pain


indoor play center


What is beneficial for children to play?


At home, many children often ask, can I watch TV and play computer games? And most parents think that it is not good for children to contact with electronic products. Most pediatric experts also believe that TV programs and computer games are not conducive to stimulating children's interaction. Then what toys should children play? The parents let kids play some traditional toys, such as jigsaw puzzles for toddlers, and skipping ropes for school children, junior basketball set etc, which are good for developing the intelligence of children. Here it is recommended that parents take more time to communicate with the children, and participate in some extracurricular interest activities together. For example, play role-playing games with the children, read books together, or the parents can take kid to go to children indoor playground etc. We know that there are many amusement activities in kids indoor center, and children love to play very much. 

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