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Why Your Child Should Be Playing with Blocks?

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Building blocks in the large toy storage basket may be the most basic toys, but they are not boring at all, which will let children find the fun of building and stacking. In addition to improving motor skills, playing with building blocks can also improve children's problem-solving skills. It's a toy that has been around for centuries, so it's definitely something your child should put in a toy storage net.



Benefits of Blocks


The simplest set of building blocks in the grey toy chest also contains the seeds of imagination, creation, and destruction. For example, your toddler will like to pile blocks as high as possible and push them down, which is a way for young children to develop fine motor skills, explore early mathematical geometry problems, and learn concepts such as causality. After they have figured out the characteristics of the blocks, including size, weight, shape, and level of stability, they will build a city with roads and bridges soon.



Types of Block Play


Handling: a 2-year-old may not be able to build impressive building structures, but they can move blocks in the solid wood toy box around to learn the concepts of weight and balance. For example, overturning a pile of blocks can quickly teach a child the concept of gravity.

Stacking: children aged 15-17 months may stack two blocks, children between 24 and 29 months can stack 8 blocks, and children between 30 and 36 months can stack 10 blocks. The simple structure the child builds is a structure that combines some basic mathematical knowledge, such as two adjacent square blocks of the same size and shape as a larger rectangular block in the kid storage chest.

Bridging: preschool children begin to learn to build their structures by placing two blocks on the ground and forming the top of the bridge with another block in the modern toy box. Like "handling," building blocks teach balance, symmetry, and organization.


stylish toy storage

Rules for Blocks


Just walking children will turn large blocks of foam into Lego blocks soon, which will become the scourge of their parents' sole. The drawback of building blocks is that there are too many types and numbers, so you should help your child properly clean them up at the beginning and stick to your family rules to put them in the stylish toy storage, whether it's to clean them up before taking another toy or all toys must be picked up at the end of the day. An exception to this rule may be that your child is working on an ongoing project or is having trouble dismantling a creation. In this case, you should help him solve the problem so that they can continue to manipulate and appreciate it. You don't have to worry at all because they're going to get bored very quickly, which is the best time to put away your blocks in the toy box for living room.


One rule you may also want to establish is that your child is not allowed to pile blocks higher than their head. They may be tempted to stand on a chair and pile the blocks higher, which may cause them to wrestle and may cause the block to collapse and fall on them. As they play with blocks longer, you can relax the rules because your children will become more and more adept at stacking blocks in the huge toy box and know how to get rid of fallen blocks.

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