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Will You Choose Indoor Slides for Your Kids?

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With the improvement of people's living level, many parents would like to pay for kids' products. Some kids' products not only can make the kids happy, but also can improve kids' intelligence and physical agility, such as kids slide or swing and slide set. We know that usually many kindergartens or children's playgrounds are equipped with these kids' products. Nowadays, the small sized baby slides are walking into the families, which greatly enrich the kids' spare time and let the kids be healthier. Then what should be paid attention to when purchasing children's amusing equipment? Today we will give you a detailed introduction.


1. Safety is the first consideration.


When you choose indoor slide for your kids, the safety is the key factor, which cannot be ignored. No matter it is indoor slide or kids' outdoor slide, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of the facilities. You must choose the product with good quality, high performance and no safety hazards, and you need to consider the buffering performance of the product. The equipment cannot have sharp parts exposed outside, such as screws, burrs etc. Because the exposed sharp parts may be dangerous, it may hook children's hands or clothes. At the same time, the material must be durable and pass the environment safety certification. In order to prevent children from falling accidentally, a protective fence must be installed at a certain height. Therefore, when the parents choose indoor slides for kids, no matter how gorgeous, exciting and attracting it is, safety is always in the first place.


kids slide

2. The design and appearance of kids' slides is attractive to children.


The kids' slides are for kids to play, of course, it should be loved by children. The distinctive and novel design and appearance are important for kids. So whether the color is bright, whether the appearance is beautiful, and whether the design is reasonable, these selection factors need to be noticed by the parents. What is more, the parents also should paid attention to whether it has a good exercise effect for kids when choosing.


3. Size of kids slides must follow the principles of ergonomics, and match the height of the kids.


Generally speaking, the design of kids play slide needs combine with kids' age and body shape, which will benefit the kids' health and growth. In the design, double slide and single slide need to be connected to 90cm platform or 1.2m platform. The height of each step of the stairs is about 15cm. On the bottom of the ladder, it should be covered with rubber pads with the thickness of no less than 3cm or sand with the thickness of 40cm or more, which can keep the kids safe and prevent children from falling and hurting. In addition, these factors need to be considered including the bearing capacity of the slide, the buffering force, the handrails on both sides, and whether the width of is appropriate, whether the parabola is reasonable. After all, a good children's slide is always popular on the market. 

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